• "Yuan Ze University"
  • "Yuan Ze University at Night"
  • "At the Front Door of Yuan Ze University"
  • "Graduation Ceremony at Night"
  • "Yuan Ze Welcomes You!"
  • "Rainbow for You"

Travel Information

  • The contest site is located within the beautiful campus of Yuan Ze University at Chung-Li District of Taoyuan City, which is very convenient to other major cities (such as Taipei City) in Taiwan.
  • Foreign teams: The contest site is located near Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE or RCTP). The fastest and most convenient way is to take taxi to the contest site or hotel (i.e., Jungli Le Midi Hotel); it takes about 500 NTD and 20-40 minutes to take taxi to travel from the airport to Yuan Ze University or the hotel. The taxi service is at one's own expense; however, free-of-charge shuttle bus service is available between Jungli Le Midi Hotel and Yuan Ze University at specified time. (The bus time is to be announced.)
  • Map 1
  • Local teams: Yuan Ze University is within a 20-minute walking distance from Neili Railway Station. Detailed information about how to travel through Taiwan Railway to Neili can be found here
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Accommodation Information

  • For the convenience of teams from other cities or countries, the contest staffs will arrange the accommodation according to the following policies:
    • For each local team from Taiwan, each team can choose to register at the rate of 4,500 NTD with one night (11/25) of accommodation of up to four persons (including an optional coach). Each local team can also choose to register at the rate of 2,500 NTD without accommodation.
    • Foreign teams should register at the rate of 150 USD, with two nights of accommodation (11/25 and 11/26) for up to four persons (this includes an optional coach).